Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to Help a Girl Out This Holiday Season

CMCT is buried by standardized reporting, and she is diverted from fighting the good fight at the moment. She sends out an SOS to all within range for a little assistance this holiday season.

Dear Santa's little helpers:
So, if you want to help a girl out, take some action that I, unfortunately, cannot until after January 15th. Here are some ideas:

1. Call Jim Fyke (Parks Commissioner)--(615) 532-0109
2. Call State Senator Thelma Harper--(615) 741-2453
3. Call State Representative Mary Pruitt--(615) 741-3853
4. Call Governor Bredesen--(615)532.4562
5. Call Mayor Dean-- (615) 862-6000

Or, for faster dismissal, cut and paste this block into your email browser: phil.bredesen@state.tn.us, james.fyke@state.tn.us, karl.dean@nashville.gov, thelma.harper@state.tn.us, jeff.themm@nashville.gov, shain.dennison@nashville.gov, roy.wilson@nashville.gov, ronal.serpas@nashville.gov, brady.banks@nashville.gov,erica.gilmore@nashville.gov, rep.mary.pruitt@legislature.state.tn.us, editor@tennesseean.com, editor@nashvillecitypaper.com

Remind them that it is now three months since a new Nashvillian was raped in the shadow of their offices. Remind them that our downtown districts will thrive or fail based on their livability, and that part of livability includes not getting raped for two hours on your way home from the coffee shop. Ask them for common sense patrolling in the Bicentennial Mall.

You won't get a response. I can promise you that, but maybe someone in one of those offices will think for an extra second or two about their role of government. There are a lot of great things that our local and state officials do. But the primary responsibility of our government is not lighting Christmas Trees and it's not making community access PSAs and it's not going to Councilmen's holiday parties. The primary responsibility is to protect us. At the end of the day, it just doesn't matter if you've done a whole lot of cool things to assure your re-election if there aren't any voters left upright to vote for you.
I'll be doing my share before the holiday to help her out. Will you?

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