Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pith Reports that CSX Railroad Corporation Once Again Cuts Off Small Neighborhood

The Scene's PJ Tobia is reporting at Pith in the Wind that he has received e-mails from a South Nashville neighborhood association charging that once again the CSX Railroad Corporation is cutting off the small Sadler neighborhood from the rest of Nashville for long periods by leaving their trains parked across the only street in and out of that community. PJ has already told the story of how Sadler children have to scale idle boxcars to catch their school buses and how a neighbor nearly died when emergency vehicles could not get past the tracks to treat him.

The Scene Reporter points out that CSX Railroad Officials met with residents earlier and promised change, but it looks to me that CSX Railroad Corporation was only yanking the community's chain. Jump to PJ's update and ask yourself if CSX Railroad Corporation is serious about being "relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence." They obviously aren't involved in the relentless pursuit of keeping neighborhood right-of-ways unobstructed.

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