Thursday, December 13, 2007

Police Pursuit of Motorcyclist Ends in Salemtown

A couple of nights ago I noticed police helicopters circling around Rosa Parks Boulevard, and sometime later there were Metro Police cruisers with spotlight driving up and down our streets.

This is the report we got from the Police today about that event:
North Precinct had a pursuit involving a motorcycle on this past Tuesday night which ended up in Salemtown. We utilized the helicopter for the pursuit who guided officers into the area in order to apprehend the suspect. Our officers were not involved in the pursuit but we responded to assist in attempting to locate him but unfortunately he got away.
Police patrols of Salemtown have been noticably up since a rash of break-ins in the North End area last week. The police say this:
I'm glad you guys noticed the stepped up patrols as that is what was designed by our detail supervisors ... to have a visible presence and increased patrols in the area during the holidays.

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