Monday, December 24, 2007

Clinton Campaign Issues Revised Tennessee Steering Committee List

I don't know what kind of advance research wizards campaigns have that help them name state steering committees, but Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign didn't look very ready-for-the-White-House in announcing a list earlier today with felons on it.

They issued a revised list late today without the felons, but with a couple of names notable to me from past Enclave posts. One is the State Senator whose district includes the North End. We've been trying to motivate Senator Thelma Harper to step up on Bicentennial Mall safety and lead the Bredesen Administration to do more than put new fine print of open-closed hours on old park signs. The other name that stood out to me is Alma Sanford, who as a Bob-Clement-for-Mayor supporter, questioned the tactic of turning out young voters, whom she saw as more likely to vote for Karl Dean.

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  1. Nothing like naming endless busy body and perpetual whiner Alma Sanford to your steering committee to make people run away from your campaign like Godzilla is chasing them.