Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Blogoramic Week in Mainstream Coverage

NPR continues its series highlighting the 10th anniversary of blogging this week. This segment focuses on a soldier who blogged during the Iraq War and an Egyptian civilian who posted videos, along with the consequences that resulted for each.

From tomorrow's NY Times comes an unrelated story on the very small but growing segment of business bloggers. It includes a great quote about one entrepreneur's "hippy" motivation for blogging about his social networking company:
I’m trying to create a community of help for small Internet businesses like mine. My blogging philosophy is like the open source model in software. It’s sort of a hippie concept. If I can help other people, it’s personally rewarding. And those people will likely pay it back in some ways.
He's hitting on something quite gratifying in blogging, given the fact that--except for a very small group of bloggers--there is not a lot of money to be made doing this. The rewards are much more intangible.

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