Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cavalcade of Capitalists: Senate Gives Big Oil Back Its Billions in Tax Breaks

TennNews has the largely ugly details on the U.S. Senate's overpriced holiday gift to oil executives everywhere.

UPDATE: And, as a bonus to enabling averice, they sustained the hubristic attacks on human rights: Senate Republicans blocked a U.S. House of Representatives initiative to follow the Army's filed manual and to restrict CIA interrogation methods.

Remember, some like Naomi Klein insist that pro-oil policies and the approval of torture to shock people into compliance are not at all strange bedfellows in the halls of Congress.

UPDATE: Support the troops? Republicans don't even support the Army Field Manual:
On Wednesday, 30 retired generals and admirals signed a joint letter to Congress, urging lawmakers to pass legislation requiring U.S intelligence agents to follow the Army Field Manual, which meets the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of war prisoners and prohibits torture. The House took the military leaders' advice, and passed a measure banning torture, despite the objections of 95% of the House Republican caucus.

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