Monday, December 03, 2007

The Time to Kiss Some of Your Metro Services Goodbye Draws Nigh

Mayor Karl Dean plans on cutting back services 5 to 15 percent:

One of the things we have to do as a city is we have to have a balanced budget. We have to have a budget that protects the long-term financial interests of this city. So this is a process where I don’t know what the cuts will be, or if there will necessarily be cuts, but I’m assuming there will be some given the tightness of the economic situation, but we have to go through a thoughtful exercise to make sure we’re looking at all options.
What will be cut? Sidewalk maintenance? Already understaffed Animal Control? Police patrols of neighborhoods? Libraries? Community centers (they already close on Saturdays to save money)? Education programs? Brush collection? What will be cut?

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  1. My guess is that it won't include cuts to the Sports Authority.