Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Budget Opponent Gets Real with Metro Council

There is a long line of opponents to Mayor Karl Dean's plan to cut Metro Transit bus lines and raise fares tonight, but one that hit like a blunt blow across an ass's brow was that of a woman who identified herself as a convicted felon. She maintained that cutting bus lines takes away the only access that those like her (she probably wasn't referring to white-collar felons) have to get to their jobs. She indicated that the Mayor's cuts will mean more felons off the job, on the street and headed back to prison, which is exactly where she said she would end up again without saving her bus line. So, look for criminal recidivism to rise if the Council approves the Mayor's cuts. It sounds like we're going to need any "extra" (but not really "extra") money that Mayor Dean has earmarked for the police.

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  1. This plea also really hit me hard. I am deeply saddened and upset that I did not do anything to oppose this budget.