Tuesday, December 02, 2008

GM Asks Government for $18 Billion and Plans to Jettison Saturn

GM comes calling for $12 million in loans and a $6 million line of credit.  It will either sell, eliminate or consolidate Saturn among others. That cannot sound too great in Spring Hill.

UPDATE: Tennessean follows up on the Saturn impact.

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  1. Er, Mike, Spring Hill doesn't make Saturns any more. In fact, they've just begun production of the Chevy Traverse after a $600 million retooling. Basically, the days of Saturn as a quasi-independent "different kind of car company" with its own, innovative union contract has long since gone by the boards. Saturn's just another GM brand, and a redundant one. I think in fact Spring Hill may be in pretty good shape, at least as far as GM plants go.