Thursday, December 08, 2005

BREAKING: Jones Paideia School Saved! Garcia Backs Off Plan To Close Schools, Updated

The Tennessean is reporting this evening that Dr. Pedro Garcia is recommending that no schools be closed for 2006-2007. In an e-mail to Board Members, Dr. Garcia said the pain expressed by "students, parents, and community members" is a reason for changing his plan in order to allow "ample time for the issues to be thoroughly studied."

12/08/2005, 10:10 Update: The School Board passed the motion to keep all schools in the district open for the 2006-2007 year. Pedro Garcia told the news stations tonight that closures were not just causing parents and communities pain, but also causing unnecessary divisions. Vice Chair Kathy Nevill told News 2 that possible closure was causing too much "angst" among parents and among communities.

I am grateful that the School Board listened to local neighborhood leaders like those here in Salemtown and Germantown. I am also proud that Salemtown Neighbors played some part in focusing community "angst" into positive results. Parents at tonight's School Board meeting told the Board during the public presentation portion that they pledged to work with the School Board through the budget shortage. Looks like unity to me.

Kay Brooks has Dr. Garcia's complete statement on the change of direction e-mailed to the School Board earlier today.

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