Thursday, December 01, 2005

The "Wright Fight": When Corporate Giants And Big Government Go 'Round, Neighborhoods Usually Get Trampled

Just another example of how markets matter more than communities in today's America.

Months ago I wrote of the broken promises from the airlines to the neighborhood groups around Dallas's Love Field. Charges of "protectionism" thrown around by corporate giants at other corporate giants and rubber-stamped by the most powerful political leaders in the modern world seem irrelevant when there is no protection of one's own home and neighborhood from jet noise and air pollution, traffic snarls, higher crime rates, and falling real estate values thanks to stuffing as many airline flights as possible into a small urban airport in your community.

This is simply further evidence that the big boys in business and government will always get theirs. Common folk need to organize to get theirs to keep the big boys from exercising total control of the power levers, which is the real protectionism we all ought to be concerned about. Just remember: it could be your neighborhood next time.

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