Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cavalcade of Capitalists: Pimping Katrina

A few months ago, I posted on a couple of enterprising entrepreneurs who fired their employees for responding to help family members hurt by Hurricane Katrina in order to teach them a lesson on the costs of care and compassion. Today's Cavalcade includes Gray Line Tours, which intends to make big bucks off the cataclysm by offering tours of hurricane-ravaged areas of New Orleans.

Gray Line bills it, "HURRICANE KATRINA - AMERICA 'S WORST CATASTROPHE!" Their website says that a whole $3.00 of the $35.00 (adult) or $28.00 (children) tour fee will be donated to a non-profit organization directly affected by Katrina and Rita. Even bad taste makes a smidge of room for charity. Heart-warming.


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