Monday, December 19, 2005

Demand For City Living Has Never Been Higher

I've never met Ben Cunningham face-to-face, and I'm sure he's personally a nice enough guy. But if you've read Enclave long enough, you know that I sometimes take issue with his public comments on behalf of Tennessee Tax Revolt. I also have an issue with him: he has an annoying propensity in the mainstream media to make [up] unsupportable claims about Nashville allegedly losing residents to surrounding counties as if Nashville were suffering a net loss. I have an issue with that fabrication, because he's talking trash that ain't true just to make a case against taxes.

He was at it again tonight on Channel 4's 10:00 newscast with regard to the Council's consideration of a new baseball park Downtown. If he wants to oppose the ballpark, that's fine. I would take issue with that opposition, but I would not have an issue with it. However, he should stop reciting the urban myth that the City of Nashville is hemorrhaging residents to surrounding suburban counties, which insinuates that demand to live in the city is shrinking. That's patently false and it is not substantiated by any hard statistics. Nashville is growing and demand to live here has never been higher.

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