Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Salemtown Citizen Action Committee Discusses Possible Grant Projects

Last night at the Randee Rogers Center on 8th Ave., members of the Salemtown CAC and other interested parties finally started identifying possible projects on which to spend federal block grant monies over the next three years.

Possible projects identified included:
  • Decorative stone Salemtown signs
  • Traffic calming elements like extended curbs (a.k.a, "bulbs"), speed bumps, and decorative crosswalks
  • Small public neighborhood parks
  • Public art as connection to 5th Avenue of the Arts
  • Day care or elderly home
  • Burying electric lines
  • Decorative street lights/more street & alley lighting
  • Fixing line of sight problems at intersections along 3rd Ave.
  • Beautifying spots along 8th Ave.
  • Alley maintenance and enhancement
  • Buy blighted lots or property and have nonprofit organization develop it
  • Trash recepticles
  • Tennis courts for Morgan Park
The group will meet again on January 10 to continue the discussion of these topics.

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