Monday, December 19, 2005

The Metro Council Christmas Pageant

A large number of Metro Council members intend to drag personal faith into the slop trough of partisan politics at their Tuesday night meeting in the name of "defending" Christmas against imagined attacks. If they are going to breach the boundary between the personal and the partisan, then turnabout is fair play. In the name of full disclosure, these self-appointed sectaries should also lay bare their own personal faith practices and expose them to public scrutiny.

Hence, as a Holiday Christmas Ethics Task Force Of One, allow me to make a couple of recommendations:
  1. Every Metro Council member who votes on Tuesday in favor of changing "Holiday" to "Christmas" should give full disclosure of their church attendance at Mass or worship (Mass is preferable, since it is "Christmas") on Sunday, December 25. (Using the excuse, "My church was closed on Christmas Sunday," would be bad form).

  2. All 22 sponsors of the "Christmas" bill should fully disclose records on how often they attend a Christian church, including Sunday School, and what percentage of their income they actually tithe to the church of their choosing.
I have no doubt that all of self-styled defenders of Christmas on the Council will reject these simple recommendations, saying that they should not be required to disclose the private matters of their personal faith to the public, and they will likely argue that to require them to do so would cause "many good people not to run for Council."

Well, passing Council resolutions in the name of saving Christmas is an unnecessary breach of my own personal Christian faith, which I do not want trotted around exposed to partisan shenanigans and gimmicks. Such ploys will cause this good person not to take this Council too seriously.

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