Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nun Bun Undone! Updated!

Apparently, some disgrunted Mother Teresa devotee, grim relic hunter, or grinchy iconoclast broke into Bongo Java this morning and absconded with one of the items that made Bob Bernstein's local coffee empire world famous. According to Bob, "They went right for the bun."

12/26/2005, 10:00 a.m. Update: According to this morning's Tennessean:
Metro’s police report on the theft estimated the bun’s value at $25. It said the "Mother Theresa Cinnamon Bun” was the only item taken. As stolen goods, the bun was classified in property category No. 77, for “other.”


  1. That's terrible! Did they also get the personally typed letter Mother Terresa wrote to them? To me, that's priceless.

    You know what? I bet you the thief is probably stupid enough to try to sell it on ebay, so Bob might want to keep tabs on that site for his bun.

    At the time the "bun story" broke, I was with MSNBC and happened to live right behind Bongo Java. When I wrote the story my editor was like, "Huh?" But within a few days they went with the story as news spread far and wide about the MT bun. One of Brokaw's producers was down here at that time, and I took him over to Bongo Java to see the bun.

    I hope Bob finds the famous bun. Again, my money is on it ending up on Ebay.

  2. According to the reports I've seen, nothing but the bun was taken. The angel that sat with the bun was laying out on the front deck. A full container of tip change was undisturbed.

    Mother Teresa has such a strange cult following now, that I wouldn't put it past some zealot to have taken it to destroy it. Taking it on Christmas looks like a calling card to me.

    This could be some sort of prank wherein we will start seeing pictures of the nun bun on some blog a la "Black Santa." My bet is on us never seeing the old girl again.