Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stephen King's Top Music 5 Of '05

I have a lot more respect for the horror author for putting Ray Wylie at the top of his list. McMurtry (the son of another fiction writer, James McMurtry) is a good choice, too. I know this post is digression. I guess I have just been listening to too much "X Country" ("the 'other row' in Nashville") on XM lately to pass up passing on this list to you:
Delirium Tremolos, by Ray Wylie Hubbard. "Alt-country with its slow groove on."
Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1, by Jackson Browne. "Doctor, I think the fever has broken."
Kicking Television, by Wilco. "This live set is just about right, swinging between tender and angry."
All Jacked Up, by Gretchen Wilson. "Best country album of the year, hands down."
Childish Things, by James McMurtry. "Like Dylan's early tales, McMurtry's songs bear repeated listenings."
If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry, by Marah. "Probably the best rock band in America that nobody knows."

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  1. McMurtry's live cd with his band 'the dirty bastards' was one of the great treats from last year.

    Kudos on the Wilco name-check also.