Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another FEMA Miracle: The Bush Administration Breaks Its Promise To Katrina Evacuees

Now that general attention to the welfare of Katrina evacuees is drying up, the Bush Administration is moving to reneg on its promise to pay for one year the rents of 425 New Orleans and Long Beach, MS evacuee families located in Colorado Springs. Most of the families signed 12-month leases based on that promise. According to the AP, their rent (passed from FEMA to the city to landlords) has only been paid through October. City officials are warning evacuees that all rent assistance for displaced victims will be cut off February 28.

The Bush Administration has to pay for its wartime tax cuts somehow. Looks like it is going to do so on the backs of the those victims of natural disaster. May the rest of us never have to survive such a tragedy and be forced to turn to this administration for assistance. It won't be there for us.

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