Friday, January 13, 2006

Werthan Developers Also Look North With More Preliminary And Conceptual Plans; Will Meet With Salemtown Neighbors

Besides their plan to develop an 8th Ave. parking lot into apartments and street-scape beautification, Core also has designs for the two properties that sit on the opposite (northeast) corner at the intersection of 8th & Hume. Developer Aaron White describes the proposed structure (pictured above) as "very conceptual at this stage," with construction tentatively planned to start Fall 2007.

The Hume development will transition architecturally from 8th Ave. to 7th Ave., parallel to Werthan Mills, which sits on the south side of Hume. The tallest structure fronting 8th will be 5 stories and it will be mixed-use with some retail space on the bottom floor and 30-40 apartments on the other floors. Those apartments are expected to be offered at market rates. The middle segment of the development will contain 20-30 loft flats for sale in a 3-story structure. The east end of the development will encompass 8-10 townhomes. Those townhomes will be 2-3 stories. White told me that the overall configuration from 8th to 7th is to progress from a more urban-oriented highrise to more neighborhood-oriented townhomes, in order to create a smooth transition with Salemtown's mostly residential character.

Aaron White is scheduled to speak to Salemtown Neighbors about these developments at the association's Monday, January 23rd business meeting. The time of the meeting is 6:30 p.m. and it will be held at the Morgan Park Community Center at Hume and 5th Ave.

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