Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Karma Comes To The Convention

Religious conservatives are driven by an all-consuming anger. That's why many of us who long ago were driven out of the Southern Baptist Convention--because we dared to exercise moderation--believed that the self-righteous purging of the Convention would not stop once they took over in the 1980s. The conservative ideologues are like a plague of locusts that consume everything until there's nothing left to consume. An even better analogy is that of the Tasmanian Devil, a creature that goes into such an angry feeding frenzy that it often strikes out and kills other feeding Devils, even its own young.

Now that there aren't any moderates or liberals left in the SBC to devour, they are turning, consumed in their rage, on themselves. The conservative blogger reporting on these events has now been kicked out of one of their high profile boards for blogging the tribal warfare. In spite of the myth that they are saving evangelical denominations from liberal demise, conservative Baptists are in fact slowly imploding. What we are witnessing is the splintering and breakdown of the SBC in a long-term act of self-immolation. That will be just fine for those of us who didn't have to be asked twice to leave a long time ago. Good riddance.

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