Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Best Way Of Preventing The Spread Of Gang Graffiti Is To Take It Off Immediately

When private property is hit with graffiti, the property owner is responsible for removing it. And the best way to keep it from happening again is to take it off of property immediately. The owners of the property where Garfield Place is to be built have immediately removed the gang graffiti from the front of their sign (as shown on Enclave yesterday). If graffiti stays on property for a long period of time, it only emboldens and encourages vandals to hit other property and to hit one's own property again after it is taken off.

When vandals hit public property, like this traffic sign at the corner of 6th and Garfield, immediate action is no less a priority. In fact, the sign department has been remarkably responsive in the past to vandalized signs in Salemtown. If you see any traffic signs with red spray-painted gang graffiti like that in this picture, you can fill out this on-line request form to have repairs made. If you would prefer to call, the phone number is 862-8750. The sooner we get graffiti off, the longer it stays off.

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