Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Metro Council Votes To Defer Sylvan Park Conservation Overlay Indefinitely

Council member John Summers moved to defer indefinitely the bill that would have changed Sylvan Park's zoning at tonight's Council meeting. He told Council that the deferral would allow Metro to mail out ballots to residents to gauge support and opposition to a conservation overlay, which then could be made clear to the Council. The bill had been up on third and final reading before Council supported the deferral.

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  1. Like this poll won't get freeped, too....

    Since when do zoning changes go to taxpayer-financed referenda? Will they be doing this the next time a tax increase is up?

    Probably not. The problems here are too numerous to name, but the roots of this evil (leaving the participants out) are councilmanic courtesy, the members of the council who'd like to run for countywide office (which still requires votes in Sylvan Park), and the inability of the latter group to trust the courtesy-seeker in the former to count noses. If the trust gap didn't exist, or if the other members of Council were willing to make independent judgments about important land use issues, then we wouldn't have this circus.