Monday, January 16, 2006

For A Hero: No One Can Take Away Dr. King's Day

Well, the local conservative bloggers have made their predictable attempts to piss on this day commemorating one of the greatest Americans of the last century, Martin Luther King, Jr. I do not know why they feel the need to try to bring Dr. King down a couple of notches rather than just blog on other subjects and completely ignore the day. I am not going to honor their malarky, their balderdash, their drivel by linking them, which only raises their cache in the blogosphere. If you really want to read their hooey, then look through Nashville Is Talking's weblog aggregator.

To honor the memory of Dr. King, warts and all, I offer the thoughts of Alan Wolfe (via TPMCafe):
Our century's identity has been to insure that the ideal of civic equality announced to the world in 1776 would become a reality. Just to help make that come about, King had to overcome the determined resistence of terrorists without conscience, politicians without backbone, rivals without foresight and an FBI director so malicious that he would stop at nothing to destroy a man who believed in justice....
For all the tribulations his enemies confronted him with, it is not those who foolishly and vainly stood in his way whom we remember, but Martin Luther King, Jr., our century's epic hero.
Heroism, when any of the rest of us would shrink away. Thank you, Dr. King, for helping a country find its soul. We honor your memory even while others choose to pummel it.

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