Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ripping Out The Bottom Of The Bag

cul-de-sac .... a dead end street .... an impasse .... ETYMOLOGY: French : cul, bottom (from Old French, from Latin cūlus; see culet ) + de, of (from Old French, from Latin dē; see de- ) + sac, sack (from Old French, from Latin saccus; see sack) [Source].
The city of Charlotte, NC is about to hold workshops to generate "ideas on how to make cul-de-sacs more accessable to pedestrians and to reduce the need for cars." This feature of New Urbanism is a laudable idea. But try as they might, can suburbia be saved by applying urban ideas or are they just too sprawled and too far flung so that a pedestrian culture is nothing more than wishful thinking?

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