Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ballpark Bill Passes on Metro Council's Second Reading

After a couple of hours of discussion and multiple motions, the bill to approve the new Sounds stadium deal passed on second reading at tonight’s Council meeting, 21-12. Opponents exhausted every effort to stop the passage by making unsuccessful motions to amend the bill (which would have killed it), to defer the bill until next Council meeting, to defer it indefinitely, and to adjourn the meeting completely (even though the controversial Sylvan Park zoning bill had yet to be considered). Opponents came close to delaying action on the ballpark by just barely losing the vote to defer to the next meeting, 15-16.

The third and final reading comes two weeks from tonight is scheduled for February 7. Any changes to the agreement as it stands would require all of the parties involved in the deal to sign on followed by separate resolutions approved by the Metro Council.

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