Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Biggest Losers In Tuesday's Metro Council Meeting

Those would be the well-intentioned and honest folks within the group of proponents of the Sylvan Park conservation overlay (you know who you are; I sure as hell cannot figure out which of you are) who originally pounded the pavement of the neighborhood to distribute and collect ballots. These people probably struck out believing in the fairness of their efforts and putting their faith in Council member John Summers, whose performance through this process has been somewhat short of admirable (not to mention the behavior of the opponents--who came off looking more like a rabble of Philistines and less like a well-organized, disaffected wing). Whether or not the overlay is passed, the good-hearted souls among the proponents deserved a better fate.

And as Bruce Barry over at PiTW maintains, the new "independent" poll is not likely to be an instrument of anyone's better fate.

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