Friday, September 08, 2006

ABC Intends to Go Political with Fictionalized 9/11 Series This Weekend

ABC/Disney stands on the brink of this election season prepared to show a controversial mini-series about 9/11 on the 5th anniversary of the event that producers admit is fictionalized for dramatic effect. Many of us wonder whether "dramatic" is synonymous with "partisan" in this case, since the inaccuracies in "The Path to 9/11" suggest that Democratic leaders were responsible for 9/11.

While all sorts of questions were raised in the mainstream media about whether the country "was ready" when Oliver Stone's movie about 9/11 was released, no questions--other than those riding the waves of popular protest in the last 48 hours--have been raised in the mainstream media about whether the country is ready to watch a 9/11 account that basically deviates from the 9/11 Commission Report and that makes up history that did not happen. In fact, the New York Times review of "The Path to 9/11" essentially supported the movie's partisan bite by perpetuating the Republican talking point--unsubstantiated in the 9/11 Commission's Report--that former President Bill Clinton was too distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal to deal with terrorism (even though he was criticized by Republicans when he did fight terrorists for playing "Wag the Dog.")

A Scholastic Review Guide to be sent out to 25,000 teachers to help high school students discuss 9/11 after watching ABC's fiction was also exposed by Media Matters for America as being skewed by conservative bias including: suggesting a connection between 9/11 terror attacks and Iraq and indicating that the Clinton administration "hindered" the U.S. stance on the war on terror (which is not supported by the 9/11 Commission Report). In the face of withering criticism, Scholastic has scrapped plans to provide "The Path to 9/11" Guide and will come up with new material.

Please contact ABC via Think Progress and protest their decision to air the propaganda called, "The Path to 9/11." I have also put a banner in the right hand column of this blog that you can click on to send the letter. It is really very simple. The last tally Think Progress reported was 50,000 letters to ABC.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will definately be writing in. As for the Oliver Stone's film, it actually was good. It wasn't amazing, but well done. And very respectful. I was skeptical going in, but I was very surprised how integral the film felt, and how there was no political agenda. Never mentioned the government, terrorists, never even showed they planes crashing into either building. The focus was the people, and it was done well. It brought you back to reality,...reminded you of the true victims, New York.

  2. I've not seen the movie, but the reviews I've read mirror your comments exactly.