Saturday, September 23, 2006

Noshville 86'ed the Pot Roast and the Chicken in a Pot

We like to go to Noshville to eat now and then on Friday nights, because it seems to be one of the less crowded places to dine at the end of the work week. To my surprise and sadness last night, I found that both the pot roast and the chicken in the pot had been taken off of the menu. In particular, the pot roast was dropped, according to our server, because some servers had discouraged ordering it. I was told that several servers did not personally like it; so, it was not selling with the clientele.

Both of the dishes just dripped "New York Deli," to me. One of the replacement items was chicken parmigiana. All Noshville needs to do now is drop the knishes and the matzo ball soup and their journey away from a singular kosheresque diner in Nashville will be complete.

Knowing that I cannot have the comfort of their pot roast on cold nights just made the prospect of the coming winter longer and darker.

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