Monday, September 25, 2006

Bill and Me

This morning I called Senator Bill Frist's office to tell them that I wanted the April National Intelligence Estimate released to the public before the November elections in light of yesterday's NY Times report that the Iraq invasion has spawned new Islamic radicalism and has made greater the threat of terrorism. When Frist's Washington office staffer answered the phone, I asked him what Frist's position was on releasing the NIE to the public. The staffer told me that he was not aware of Senator Frist's stance. I asked if there was a staffer available who did know and with whom I could speak. He said "No. Senator Frist has not commented publicly on that." I replied, "Well, Senator Frist seemed to be commenting publicly to it on yesterday morning's news shows when he said that he disagreed with the news of the report's findings." The staffer asked if he could put me on hold, which I agreed to. He came back on and waited for me in silence. I said, "Now you were telling me that Senator Frist had not commented publicly even though, as I told you, he seemed to have done on yesterday's news shows." At that point he told me that Senator Frist does not condone releasing any classified military information that might hurt the war effort. I told him that I respected the need to keep certain information classified, but that I wanted the April NIE released before the election, rather than after. He told me that he would pass the word on to Senator Frist. I offered to give him my name and address. He told me that he could see by his phone that I was in Nashville, and that he would not need that information.

Please call Senator Frist's office (202-224-3344) and tell him that you want the April National Intelligence Estimate released before the election.

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  1. Linking to this, thanks Mike. I think Hardball doing a segment today on this.