Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tennessee Republican Party Director Limits Christianity to "Social Conservatives"

While attempting to score some political points and lather with his evangelical base in this election season, Tennessee GOP leader Chris Devaney, told the Tennessean:
Democrats [like those who started the Faithful Democrats website] have finally figured out that they left social conservatives behind as they pushed their national liberal agenda in Tennessee and across the country.
Looks like this partisan wonk has willfully missed the point that Faithful Democrats is an effort to organize liberal Christians "to put their faith to work for the common good." Here's the memo Devaney missed, clearly stated over at the FD website:
We don't believe that good Christians have to be Democrats. Nor do we believe that one religion has a monopoly on faith. But we make no apologies for rooting our identity as Democrats in our faith as Christians. That is who we are. And we are eager to act on our beliefs to make the country we love a more just and compassionate place.
That sounds more generally faith-friendly and less like the dumb Devaney deduction that there is some covert courtship of social conservatives, whom he seems to see as the only ones who really count as "Christian."

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