Thursday, September 28, 2006

Knights in White Satin

I'm a little late on the uptake: 40 years after the song was written, I'm just now finding out the word is "Nights." The song makes a lot more sense now and it seems like it would be a lot less terrifying for a kid in the early 1970s laying in bed on a dark night listening to the eerie tune on his clock radio while staying on guard for white knights flying by his window.


  1. I'm ALWAYS glad when someone local mentions my VERY FAVORITE BAND EVER!!!! I just saw them perform at the Ryman at Moody Bluegrass last October, and also in Cincy!! They're still GREAT!!

  2. uh..thanks to this informative post, I now understand the song, as well. Until this very moment, I thought the NIGHTS were KNIGHTS too.

    sheesh...Next they'll be telling me that the girl with colitis goes by, is really the girl with kaleidoscope eyes!