Monday, September 25, 2006

Charlie and the Camera Factory

The Nashville City Paper carries a story this morning on Charlie's Cabin, which you first read about last Thursday here on Enclave. In the NCP version, Tygard bellyaches that Metro needs to pay extra special attention to Bellevue when he could just as easily pick up a bat himself and play ball. He helped give himself thousands of dollars in Metro funds to use in Bellevue at his discretion. The term "discretion" seems to apply to this pet project. The NCP should have asked Tygard why he won't use those discretionary funds for the cabin's security cameras, but it dropped the ball.

Regardless, it remains a fair question: why does Charlie assume that he is entitled to funds that Metro Council already committed to other projects? I'm also still wondering why Tygard and all the other self-fancied fiscal conservatives on Council gave themselves extra Metro funding--gained in a $1.95 million windfall from past years' delinquent property taxes collected this year--instead of returning that money to taxpayers. Who can answer me? Charlie? Eric? The Insider? Tennessee Tax Revolt? Anyone? Anyone?

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