Monday, September 18, 2006

Bilingual is to a Crutch as Proper English is to a Crutch

Calling Metro bilingual "communications, publications, and answering systems" a "crutch" for Spanish-speaking people is like calling proper-English "communications, publications, and answering systems" a "crutch" for monolingual English speakers who are grammatically challenged and for those who chronically have trouble spelling. So, should we stop expecting the correct use of English in all Metro communications because co-sponsors Eric Crafton and The Insider expect Metro to stop offering people crutches? One has to wander wonder.

The "Invalidate Metro Bilingual Communications" (IMBeCile for short) Ordinance comes up on first reading in Metro Council tomorrow night. Register your opposition to the IMBECILE Ordinance in any language that Council members understand here.

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