Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Cannot Rely on the Mainstream Media to Keep Up with Riverfront Redevelopment, Updated

Further evidence that the mainstream media requires the presence of weblogs: the total failure of this morning's print dailies to cover last night's important Civic Design Center forum on the latest plan to redevelop the Riverfront and to create islands and more greenspace on the Cumberland. I could not attend due to previous commitments, so quite naturally the meeting does not get covered by anyone (unless the Nashville Scene stepped up to the plate in their regular Wednesday edition, which is due out later today).

09/29/2006 11:00 a.m. Update: Nothing in Wednesday's Scene, but the City Paper did finally do a story on it today based on a Wednesday interview. So, 3 days after the fact and 2 days after their interview, the NCP finally reports on the latest plan; and this in an age when news and information develops within minutes, rather than within days. And how did the NCP hard copy lead? With the jaded, sensationalist headline, "Riverfront Gamble." As if there are ever any investments that do not involve risk.


  1. Geez Mike. I get ALL my local news from you. [Umm, seriously.] When are you going to get around to cloning yourself already?? The people need their information.