Friday, September 15, 2006

City Paper Hater's Club Gets Another Member (And They Didn't Even Do Anything to Deserve It This Time)

While running my kid over to her day care this morning, I was tuned into Lightning 100 and listening to their interview of Colin Hay, former front man for Men at Work (a band wildly popular in the early 1980s). Mr. Hay, who is in town for this weekend's Australian Music Festival, expressed the wish to strike back at the writer of a local newspaper who recently referred to his music as "cornball." The Lightning 100 DJ asked which paper insulted Men at Work and she ran through a short list: "Tennessean? All the Rage? Nashville Scene?" Mr. Hay replied, "It was the City Paper." Mr. Hay then played a mini-set of his songs, starting off with "Overkill," which he dedicated to the "clown" who wrote the article in question.

Now the City Paper deserves its share of criticism, but it is getting a bum rap on this one. Mr. Hay's "clown" can be found in the person of Joey Hood at the Nashville Scene, which has been at times its own little big top. Dear Mr. Hood, Mr. Hay has a message for you: "Ghosts appear and fade away."

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