Thursday, September 21, 2006

Violent Crime and Property Offenses Drop in District 19

While crime increased the first half of 2006 in some Metro Councilmanic districts, District 19--which includes Salemtown, Germantown, Hope Gardens, parts of Downtown, Music Row, The Gulch, and Edgehill--experienced double-digit drops in crime during the same period. Based on Metro Police statistics, violent crimes were down almost 15% from January to June in our area; property offenses were down almost 20%.

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  1. Unfortunately, the 19th district STILL remains one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods when you look at the raw numbers. Only the 6th and 17th districts had more violent crimes. And the 6th district was the only one with more total offenses by a very slim margin (1,532 vs 1,523).

    Still lots of work to be done.