Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bound'ry/South Street Also Broke the dB Law Just About Every Day Last Week

I already related the citation of South Street Restaurant on the Sunday before last. Midtown neighbors report that Tuesday and Wednesday night of last week were also bad. Adelicia front desk guards called the building manager to report that music was so loud that they could identify songs coming from across the street through the building walls. The manager could also hear the music over the phone line as she spoke with them. The Adelicia management has a new policy that whenever any of their residents has a complaint about South Street or the Bound'ry, then they can call the guards at the front desk, who will contact police. They asked police to check in with the guard whenever they respond to a call.

Last Wednesday police were called again to respond to complaints about South Street. The folks at the Adelicia measured the decibel level of 50. The police arrived went to the deck several floors above street level and measured a decibel level of 70 (levels are not supposed to be above 50).

Police emails indicate that South Street was also cited Thursday and Friday. A court date has been set for the citations: Wednesday, June 18 at 1:00 in court room 5D of the Birch Building (408 2nd Ave.) Neighbors are being encouraged to attend in case they are given the chance to testify. CM Erica Gilmore has been kept in the communication loop of police-resident correspondence.


  1. get over it, Adelecia.

  2. you are so Nashville if you move next to a bar and complain about the noise... how stupid...