Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bells Bend UPDATE: West Nashville Resident Receives Same MTC Push Poll Call that North & East Nashvillians Have Received

A Nashvillian who lives deep in the heart of West Meade e-mailed me after reading Monday's posts on Bells Landing, LLC-hired henchmen commissioned to influence, rather than measure public opinion on proposed May Town Center sprawl by push polling:
I had the exact phone call. They hung up the phone when I stated that I was against the development.
The May family and Tony Giarratana appear willing to go to every corner of Nashville to try and drum up support in the wake of their failure at the Planning Commission last summer.

If you receive any push polling calls on May Town Center or Bells Bend or you know of someone who has received them, please e-mail me or comment below. I will be blogging and twittering on any other incidents of bankrolled, unethical polling in this naked political effort to gain approval for these developers.

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