Monday, April 13, 2009

East Nashvillian Receives May Town Center Push Poller Call

An East Nashvillian contacted to report a phone call from a woman claiming "to be conducting a survey about an important amendment coming before the Metro Council." She seemed to the subject to be reading from script: "in these economic times it is important to support the creation of new jobs through conscientious development efforts like the May Town Center." According to the subject she would not identify the group or company conducting the survey. Eventually the push poller hung up when the subject claimed to oppose the development plan.

If you receive any push polling calls connected to May Town Center development, please e-mail me and give me the details.  Up to this point we have been screening and ignoring survey and polling calls to my house, but I'm going to pick up every one now to see if I can catch a Bells Landing Partners, LLC-hired push poller here.

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