Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who are the marketing wizards who came up with that one?

The Music City Center marketing strategy leaves a lot to be desired:

They opened the barn door, and Aunt B drove her team right on in:
“We’re going to have wood in the ball room because guitars are made out of wood.”

“We’re going to have a giant instrument play on the hour! But we can’t tell you what kind, because we’re just making shit up!”

“Seriously, all the hip kids call that road that comes off the Gateway Bridge ‘KVB.’ No, really.”

“We’re not going to show you an example of the kind of art Nashville puts up in its round-abouts because we’re controversial enough as it is. We don’t need the Baptists out at Two Rivers on our cases because we showed shots of naked dancing people.”
The PR on the ripply big box makes me less prone to be fond of it, too. But I do see some proper karma in "KVB" coming back on a couple of council members who foolishly bucked the neighborhood in the 2007 and pushed through a bid to rename the street. Given CM Rip Ryman's 2007 demonstrations, I'm still wondering why Gaylord did not also rename Ryman Auditorium "Korean Veterans Auditorium," so that we could continue to debate whether "Korean" refers to a war fought in Korea or to soldiers of the Korean Army. MCC's "KVB" prevails because hip and trendy acronyms (HATAs) resist the need for a pause to reflect (PTR).

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