Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Challenge to Metro Property Assessor's Office Ethics

An Enclave reader copied me his e-mail to the Metro Assessor's Office raising the question of the professional ethics of their announcement to some local organizations on community education opportunities:
I do not think it's appropriate for Elizabeth Sullivan to promote her business using Metro Government resources, i.e including her business e-mail at the bottom of the message. It's not necessary and should not be promoted through Metro systems.

Gary Haymaker
Vanderbilt Place


Property Reappraisal - Openline television program - Learn from home opportunity
Openline: 7-8pm, Wednesday, April 15 on Comcast cable channel 50.
Property Assessor George Rooker will appear on Channel 5+’s Openline television program – A one-on-one, hour long interview program with Channel 5 Anchor Rhori Johnston (Comcast cable channel 50) from 7-8pm this Wednesday, April 15.
Mr. Rooker will explain the reappraisal process and discuss the details in-depth with Mr. Johnston. Mr. Rooker will take questions and comments live.
Openline: 7-8pm, Wednesday, April 15 on Comcast cable channel 50.
This is a great opportunity to learn about the property reappraisal process from the comfort of home.

Elizabeth M-K Sullivan
Property Assessor's Office
800 Second Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
615. 474. 5679 (cell)
615. 862. 6070 (office)
(This is a short-term project. For long-term communication, please use my business email:


  1. Interesting viewpoint. I took Ms. Sullivan comment as making herself available to answer questions after her short term contract was up. I suppose if you are always looking for the worst, you can find something. And I suppose Ms Sullivan should tell anyone with questions after her assignment, to take a leap.

  2. That's good advice. As a taxpayer, I am paying for her short-term assignment - so I welcome her to tell me to take a leap!