Monday, April 20, 2009

You Say You Want A Revolution?

If mainstream media is for stopping exploitation of the value they add to news, maybe they should stop exploiting story subjects, without whom no value would exist to add:
If you go by the journalist's own logic, then the truth is that they are exploiting the newsmakers they cover. After all, it's really the newsmakers who are "creating" the story, and all the journalists are doing is writing up an account of it, for commercial purposes, and not rewarding the newsmakers who make their jobs possible in the first place. Journalists have been freeriding on the backs of the people who actually make the news for too long! I think it's time that everyone who is in a news story start standing up for their rights, and demanding that journalists pay them to stop this free riding. Perhaps some newsmakers will band together and create a new consortium, where journalists can just pay a one time regular subscription fee, to be divided up among newsmakers, based on who makes the most news.

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