Monday, April 27, 2009

Chavez Has Kind Words for NashFreep

Center-to-right columnist and blogger Tim Chavez recommends The Nashville Free Press as a "new and needed" progressive voice. I've been writing a regular column for NashFreep called "Local Knowledge" since the paper's inception.


  1. Chavez isn't very bright and is obviously confused about many things, but at least he was right about your paper.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. What kind of racks are the papers in? Would they have complied with the legislation that was vetoed by mayor Purcell?

  3. Not sure whether the racks would have complied or not.

    Writing a column for a publication does not mean that I support in writing every commercial decision they make, nor would I try to couch such a defense in ludicrous 1st amendment language as the mainstream journalists and their publishers did 2 years ago when fighting Mike Jameson's bill.

    However, I promise to let you know when I actively encourage people to run down to specific newsracks to pick up their paper rather than actually linking to the online permalinks as I've only done when promoting NashFreep.

    Oh wait, I could not possibly let you know because you've chickenhawkedly hid behind the moniker of anonymous trolls everywhere. Sorry. Got no way to contact you.