Thursday, April 30, 2009

MDHA Commissioners Finally Approve Contractor's Bid for Salemtown Streetscape Project

After almost a year of delays in plans to begin construction of Salemtown's Streetscape Plan funded by a $589,000 community development block grant, MDHA Commissioners approved a contract with Sessions Paving to do the job for $499,532. In order to get this amount, the Board had to take out some crosswalk and parking markings, trees, and trash recepticles in the original concept. The original range of bids was $556,042 to $648,691. Because of the delays a state grant that would have planted more trees around the neighborhoods expired. Also, changes in ADA and NES requirements forced the Board to reserve more money for millling streets and for electric wire drilling. In its letter to neighborhood committee members, MDHA says that construction is scheduled to start in the next month.

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