Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Briley's advice to the outgoing Metro Council regarding David Torrence

Former CM at-Large David Briley is concerned about the council's replacement of a clerk so close to the last meeting of this council's term before a new council takes over:

So, how does the city figure out who will take the job seriously when it replaces the Criminal Court Clerk? Making sure the process is open to everyone interested is essential. Having the Bar associations review the applicants is a good step. Appointing an independent group to establish some desirable qualifications, then review and rank the applicants could help. There’s probably no single answer to this question but there are plenty of ways to subject the process to more than just political deal making.

As it currently stands, the Council is on a path to select a replacement for the Criminal Court Clerk about 30 days after his anticipated resignation. That Council election could occur on the last scheduled meeting of this Council’s term. At least 15 of the Council Members voting at that meeting will not be returning for the next term. If history is any indicator, the number will be greater. None of these departing Council Members will have to justify their vote to a constituent. They will all have moved on if there is a problem. Having the Metro Council select a replacement for the Criminal Court Clerk on its last meeting of a term is a dangerous, political thing to do.

Briley also provides a checklist of suggestions after the jump. It bears noting that while the departing CMs do not have to be accountable for their vote to constituents, they also do not have to pander in order to keep their seats.

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