Monday, July 18, 2011

Mayor's Office email: Nashville IQT agreement put on hold in wake of Canada closure and lay-offs

In an email addressed to the Metro Council's lawyer, the Mayor's Office proclaims a stoppage of the agreement with IQT, which Dean administration officials touted as bringing 900 jobs to Nashville in exchange for Metro subsidies:

Jon [Cooper], In regard to the announcement on Friday that IQT, Inc. had closed three operations centers in Canada, please be advised that the agreements between IQT, the State of Tennessee and Metro Government have not been executed. As you know this is a performance based agreement and we will not move further toward finalizing these documents until we receive further clarity on this situation. Matt Wiltshire has communicated our concerns to IQT’s Chief Executive Officer. Our office will keep the Council informed as we receive more information.

Marty Szeigis
Office of the Mayor
(615) 880-3344

News is still floating out of Canada that IQT is in bankruptcy proceedings. A commenter in a previous Enclave post said that co-CEO Alex Mortman told her over the weekend that the deal with Nashville would probably not materialize.

UPDATE: Local Canadian newscast, first 2 minutes of which are coverage of the IQT lay-offs with interviews of former employees:

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  1. And IQT shut their doors suddenly in Oshawa, Ontario on Friday owing up to 2 months back pay to the workers. Your mayor may wish to condider that any incentives may go to pay for a lawsuit.