Monday, July 11, 2011

How they cast their votes

Gathered data so you don't have to
Neighborhood leaders Charlotte Cooper and Mina Johnson combed the Metro Council voting record for the last four years, and they culled the data into a comprehensive spreadsheet, which they published publicly on Google Docs. Jump to the spreadsheet to score your own council members and to help you decide whether they deserve your vote.

Thank you, Charlotte and Mina.


  1. This is fantastic. Thanks to Charlotte and Mina for doing this! And thanks to you, Mike, for posting it.

  2. After reading the Tennessean today about all of the campaign financing raised, I believe that this information put together by Charlotte and Mina is much more powerful than all of the thousands of dollars in the campaign war chests especially for at-large candidates. If the voters would get their head out of the sand and just read it.

    Just why does somebody like Phil Bredesen donate $1000 to Sarah Tally Lodge's campaign?

    Why does Karl Dean continue to raise more money in a race with no opponents? Is this really about positioning Karl Dean to run for govenor?

    Maybe if Karl Dean were really serious about this City Rising, he should use the money to pay back Metro for the extra money Metro spent to McNeely,Pickett, and Foxx to lobby our own elected officials for the Convention Center?

    Maybe he could reimburse us for the time David Torrence didn't work, or the forced gratuities the County Clerk put into his pocket.

    Maybe he should spend the money fixing up our dilapidated public schools before he gives away the farm to Kipp (we suspect that is a swap for votes in the future).

    Maybe he and the folks who have raised so much money could buy a homeless person lunch or a clean change of clothes?

    Hey Karl, what happened to We Are Nashville? Sounds to me like you believe it to be more like We Are Karl!