Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dealing with more rubbish from the Tennessean newspaper

The Tennessean circulation department has been littering Salemtown sidewalks and private yards with their "free" Wednesday edition off and on for years. In the past they've only stopped delivering their ad garbage to our home when I created a stink with them, including returning their litter to 1100 Broadway. So, it was no surprise to retrieve rolled up Gannett trash laying around my street this morning once again.

The plastic cover on today's issue has contact information that it swears I can use if I want to stop delivery. However, given that I've demanded that they stop delivery at least a half-dozen times in the past, you should not assume that you can rely on these instructions to stop deliveries to you. Take my word for it. They really do not seem to care.

Don't believe what you read, except that part about choking hazard.

If I were to venture a guess on why they do not really care about your wishes, I would say that they probably pad their dropping circulation numbers with the free Wednesday edition to convince advertisers to continue to buy space. Hence, their own "free" edition is probably false advertising.

And speaking of advertising, they did not even include any semblance of news in the product they dumped at my stoop despite the screaming "Local News Inside" line on the plastic packaging, which carries with it a choking hazard warning for children.

I wonder if I should return the ads to Kroger and the Scientologists and ask them to stop?

So, what I gathered from the Tennessean fetched from my property is that news is now advertising to them. They're throwing junk mail and they're throwing it around neighborhoods in packaging that can be hazardous to neighborhood kids who might pick it up.

The Tennessean might be able to hold on to and pay its reporters if it would cut its executives' obscene salaries instead of junking up our community in the futile attempt to maximize ad sales revenue. They're not generating any good will here by breaking littering laws and wasting resources.


  1. The Tennessean is nothing more than a shopper now. Front section of the paper is skant. Local section is filled with crap. And it's clear the interns are in for the summer with the drivel filling the pages.

  2. You are spot on with your article-- I live in southern Williamson county (I work in Germantown area) and the litter is amazing from newspapers. It’s amazing that a carrier would throw out 20-30 weeks in a row until the pile of litter is gigantic. I believe that the newspaper might be the biggest corp. polluter in the metro area. I have pictures if anyone is interested

  3. This trash is ridiculous. I have also tried, and there is no way to stop it. Perhaps what everyone needs to do is to throw it out into the street. I didn't ask for it, it's not mine, must be some trahs someone threw out their car window. The mess will pile up and maybe the cities will put pressure on the Tennesseean.