Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybe a couple of you Megan Barry supporters can help me out here

I'm a recovering supporter of Megan Barry, so I may not be able to be objective about this, but can someone remind me of how in the last 4 years CM Barry has been "protecting neighborhoods"? Defining herself primarily as beholden to business I get. But in what ways can she claim to have protected neighborhoods as she does in her campaign ad?

Whether I get a response or not, a clue to answering my query may be found in a separate ad where Barry says she is "involved" in her own neighborhood:

So, I guess she's been there for her neighborhood, but I'm still unclear as to how she has protected anyone else's neighborhood. I've documented relevant parts of her voting record at length here on Enclave and I don't see protection in her votes. And frankly, a lot of community leaders are involved in their neighborhoods but that does not set them apart as having council power to influence QOL.


  1. Dear Enclave Editor,

    Here is what she has done:

    Number One -- There is a new sidewalk on her street.

    Number Two -- Randy Rayburn will be able to shuttle tourists in his "courtesy vans" from the Music City Center to the Sunset Grill (Megan's neighborhood) once the center is completed.

    Number Three -- She's thrown some fabulous parties (in her neighborhood).

    Number Four -- ...

    But hell, that's three more than I can think of for my district council person.

  2. There definitely is a new sidewalk on her street.