Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey, West Nashville, do you know what Sarah Lodge Tally meant?

Jeremy Kane did a bang-up job of live tweeting the debate between CM Jason Holleman and Bredesenista challenger Sarah Lodge Tally last night. At one point in the debate, Kane quoted Tally as saying of the West Nashville Community Plan, "Tally wants reasonableness and balance. Focused on collaboration." Does anybody know what she meant? Is there an unreasonableness or imbalance in the community plan?

The West Nashville Community Plan has been used by neighborhood leaders to resist building major bridges across the Cumberland to May Town Center sprawl slicing up and rendering communities in Sylvan Park and Charlotte Park pass-through neighborhoods. And the plan has been used to fight flipping a residential zone along 43rd Avenue North into an industrial one to expand blight a business had already created.

Sarah Lodge Tally is a product of the Bredesen mentality, a mentality which gave preferential option to industry rather than striking a balance between community and economic development. I just wonder what her notion of balance on the community plan would be. What would the implications for sprawl and industrial expansion through neighborhoods be if she had her way with the West Nashville Community Plan? Jason Holleman was specific about his planning concerns about the bridges for May Town in 2009. Is Sarah Lodge Tally going to be specific, too?


  1. "Tally wants reasonableness and balance. Focused on collaboration."


    "I will do Mayor Dean's bidding and shove it down my district's throat."

    (BTW, did she actually refer to herself in the third person?)

  2. If you follow the twitter updates after the one quoted in the blog post, you find:

    "Talley cites Woodlawn residents concerns & her worry about ruining neighborhoods."

    Second-hand twitter posts aren't enough to answer the question about whether Talley will be specific; it would be nice to get into a specific detailed discussions with the candidates. But, that twitter post seems to contradict the underlying impression the blog post is trying to convey, which is that this is a person who elevates the concerns of business over those of people.

  3. Anonymous,

    You strike me as a supporter of Ms. Tally (though you can't spell her name correctly).

    Or perhaps a supporter of solid journalism (and I agree, Twitter supplies no stone in such a foundation).

    Regardless, you should have the balls to sign your name.

  4. I thought I responded to this several days ago.

    -Not a supporter.
    -Generally good speller. That's probably the first time I've written Tally with a capital "T", ever.
    -Sure. I like real news stories.

    -If Enclave didn't want Anonymous comments, I'm sure that provision could be eliminated.

  5. Anonymous,

    Regardless, you should sign your name.

    It would add some weight to your comments. And make you more vested in the political process.

    It's something Nashville needs.

  6. Okay - I got a pro-Tally flyer in the mail. Actually, it was more anti-Holleman. About the Woodmont Connector. What a massive concrete piece of crap. I could be a single-issue voter on this issue. Don't mess with our greenways.

  7. Please understand the connector forces traffic onto Woodlawn, not Woodmont. Jason has yet to answer how we morphed from a $50,000 traffic study that was promised to reveal the internal traffic patterns on Woodlawn to a $250,000 traffic study that will look at ways to relieve congestion at Harding/White Bridge. He won't even answer whether that includes our 50k or not.

    Why so secret? Oh, right, that's Jason. He acts like John Cooper is some idiot. John Cooper, like the rest of us, wants answers. I don't think that's too much to ask.

    Imprtant to know: In the original Transportation Plan paid for by Developers/Metro, it was clearly stated that all of the fixes combined would not bring traffic to an acceptable level. At that time, Woodlawn was targeted to accept the flow, but not studied and not even acknowleged in the study. The UDO passed anyway, we got all this new development and traffic, and still no anwers nor delivery of promises made.

    Wouldn't that pretty much make any resident mad?

    Thanks a lot, Jason!

  8. Hey "Above,"

    Is your posting a "robo-comment?"

    I clicked your link and came up with nothing. Just a page that was pretty much blank.

    Your posting pretty much made no sense, as well.

    You don't have much to offer.

    Try posting a comment and signing you name.

    Or go back to your cubicle at McNeely, Piggot and Fox.

    Geez. You Dean folk are pathetic.